Commodity & Service Solicitations (Bids)

Procurement Forms

Supplier Registration

To participate in any bid processes with the City, please complete the online Supplier Registration Form. To ensure your application is complete, the City requires a complete IRS W-9 form to be on file. Please print, sign, and email or fax on the same day you complete online registration to or 404.546.2086. All forms must be completed.

Online supplier registration form


Local Bidder Preference Program

The Local Bidder Preference Program (the “LBPP”) is a program established by the City Code of Ordinances to: encourage business with the City; help foster the creation of employment and business opportunities; and generate additional revenue for the City.

The Local Preference Program shall apply only to any City contract (referred to hereinafter as “Eligible local projects”) procured under section 2-1188.1 competitive sealed bidding.

For more information and to complete the Local Bidder Application, please click here


Site Visit Release Form

The Site Visit Release Form is required by anyone that wishes to attend a scheduled site visit for any solicitation. The form should be completed and brought to the site visit by the attending party.

Site Visit Release Form

Bases for Determination of Non-Responsiveness

Bases for Determination of Non-Responsiveness