Commodity & Service Solicitations (Bids)

Frequently Asked Questions

To make getting answers to your questions about doing business with the City of Atlanta easier, we’ve broken the list of frequently asked questions (FAQs) into five sections:


General Information

What is the Department of Procurement office hours and contact information?

City of Atlanta
Department of Procurement
55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 1900
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Tel: 404.330.6204
Fax: 404.658.7705

Office Hours: 8:15am – 5:00pm

Chief Procurement Officer
David L. Wilson II


Annette Bettis, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer                                                        General/Commodities

Keith O. Brooks, CPPO, Senior Deputy Chief Procurement Officer
General/Watershed Management/Public Works/Aviation for Services and Construction


What is the role of the Office of Contract Compliance and how do I contact them?

The Office of Contract Compliance serves as a liaison for Small, Minority, Female and Disadvantaged Businesses with City of Atlanta related business opportunities, and encourages equal opportunity for all businesses and individuals in the Atlanta workplace. For more information, please click here.

Contact information:
Office of Contract Compliance
55 Trinity Avenue, Suite 1700
Atlanta, Georgia 30303

Main Desk
Tel: 404.330.6010
Fax: 404.658.7359


Does the City offer preferences for small and/or minority businesses?

The City of Atlanta actively promotes full and equal business opportunities for all persons seeking to do business with the City of Atlanta. The Mayor’s Office of Contract Compliance (OCC) is the entity that serves as the administration authority for the City’s diversity programs. Their databases of certified firms may be accessed on the Office of Contract Compliance Page and can help prime contractors in their search for OCC certified small, minority, and/or female-owned firms for participation in applicable City diversity programs. For more information on obtaining certification, visit the Office of Contract Compliance page here.


What is the Local Bidder Preference Program?

The Local Bidder Preference Program is a program established to encourage business within the City; help foster the creation of employment and business opportunities; and generate additional revenue for the City. For more information, click here.


What is the Georgia Security and Immigration Compliance Act and why must it be submitted before I submit a bid or proposal or do business with the City?

Pursuant to the Georgia Security & Immigration Compliance Act of 2006, as amended on May 11, 2009, bidders and proponents must register with and participate in the E-Verify program established by the United States Department of Homeland Security. A completed affidavit must be submitted on the top of the bid/proposal at the time of submission, prior to the time for opening bids/proposals. Under state law, the City cannot consider any bid/proposal that does not include a completed affidavit. All bidders/proponents intending to do business with the City are responsible for independently apprising themselves and complying with the requirements of that law.

For additional information on the E-Verify program or to enroll, click here.


How do I make an Open Records Request to view a solicitation or an awarded contract?

A request to inspect or copy solicitation documents may be made in writing to the Department of Procurement. You can submit such requests using this form.


What are public auctions?

Public auctions are offered when supplies exceed City requirements or any property other than expendable supplies are no longer required by the Agency or Department in possession of the assets. For more information and to review current listings click here.


Vendor registration

How I register to do business with the City of Atlanta?

To do business with the City, please complete the online Supplier Registration Form.  Additionally, the City requires an IRS W-9 form to be on file. Please print, sign and then email or fax on the same day to or 404-546-2086. For more information and to locate the online supplier registration form, click here.

The processing time is five (5) business days. Once your application has been processed and approved, you will receive an email with your access details to the City’s iSupplier system. When accessing the City’s iSupplier system you should update your address & contact information, product & services information and business classification (minority, woman owned, etc.) and banking information.

More information on the iSupplier portal can be found in the ‘General Information’ section later in this document.


If a vendor has more than one division of their company doing business with the City do they need separate vendor applications on file?

If each division has a separate accounts receivable mailing address, and functions as though they are operating as different companies, then separate vendor applications and e-verify forms must be submitted.


Must a company hold residence in Atlanta to do business with the City?

No, a company doesn’t have to hold residence in Atlanta to do business with the City of Atlanta.


Where can I find my Vendor ID number?

You will receive your vendor ID number from the Department of Procurement after you have registered as a vendor with the City. If you are an existing vendor with the City of Atlanta, you can locate your vendor ID number on your purchase order. However, you can contact the Department of Procurement to obtain your vendor id number at .


What is E-Verify and does it apply to me?

All bids/proposals submitted to the City for services that are to be physically performed within the State of Georgia must be accompanied by proof of their registration with and participation in the E-Verify program established by the United States Department of Homeland Security. A completed affidavit must be submitted on the top of the bid/proposal at the time of submission, prior to the time for opening bids/proposals. Under state law, the City cannot consider any bid/proposal which does not include a completed affidavit. It is not the intent of this notice to provide detailed information or legal advice concerning the Georgia Security & Immigration Compliance Act of 2006, as amended on May 11, 2009. All bidders/proponents intending to do business with the City are responsible for independently apprising themselves and complying with the requirements of that law and its effect on City procurements and their participation in those procurements.

For additional information on the E-Verify program or to enroll, click here.


Solicitation process

How does the City advertise for goods or services?

Advertisements for goods and services are solicited by Invitations to Bid and Requests for Proposals from user agencies. They are posted for viewing on the City of Atlanta’s website located under the heading, “Commodity & Service Solicitations.” Many of the solicitations are available online for downloading. Additionally, the Georgia Procurement Registry, which is maintained by the State of Georgia, Department of Administrative Services ( is used to advertise solicitations.


Does the City advertise all of its procurement business on the City and State websites?

No. Departments have been delegated authority to interact with vendors on informal purchases for total single orders costing less than $20,000.


Who originates the requirement for Invitations to Bid or Requests for Proposals?

Departments originate the requirements for particular commodities or services and submit their request to the Department of Procurement.


Where can I pick up solicitation documents?

Solicitation documents can be picked up in the Department of Procurement in the Plan Room between the hours of 8:15 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.; Monday-Friday. The Plan Room is located at Atlanta City Hall, 55 Trinity Avenue; Department of Procurement, Suite 1900; Atlanta, Georgia. These documents may also be downloaded here.


Can I submit a solicitation bid/proposal by facsimile or e-mail?

No, formal advertised sealed bids/proposals will not be accepted by the Department of Procurement via facsimile or email. Bids/proposals must be received at the Department of Procurement, Suite 1900, by a front office staff representative and time-stamped no later than 2:00 p.m. (or the specified time in the solicitation) of the advertised closing date stated in the solicitation document.

What do the solicitation statuses mean?

Open- The solicitation submission period is open and responsive bids are being accepted for consideration.

Under Evaluation- The solicitation submission period is closed and all responsive bids are being evaluated against the solicitation criteria.

Awarded- The evaluation period has concluded and a preferred bidder has been determined, but the contract has not been executed.

Canceled- The solicitation was canceled before a contract was executed.

Executed- The contract has been executed and the goods/services are being provided to the city by the vendor in accordance with the terms of the contract.


What are some of the common mistakes made during bid/proposal submittal?

It is critical that bidders/proponents submit bids/proposals that are complete with all specifications and requirements met, or they may not be eligible for consideration. Here are some things a bidder/proponent should keep in mind (this list is not meant to be inclusive of all mistakes that could deem a bidder/proponent ineligible for consideration or non-responsive):

  1. Bidders must submit bid/proposal documents by the due date and time specified. Late bids/proposals may not be considered.
  2. Every solicitation contains a number of conditions. Some apply to all solicitations, and some are just tailored to a particular solicitation so please read the solicitation conditions fully. Failure to adhere to solicitation conditions may result in the rejection of a bid/proposal.
  3. Bid/Propose only on items, quantities and the requirements that are requested, please do not add any qualifications or reservations to the bid/proposal. If you do, the bid/proposal may be rejected for doing so.


Can a vendor turn in a bid late?

No, it is the vendor’s responsibility to ensure that a bid/proposal is physically delivered to the correct location by the due date and time specified in the solicitation document.


If a vendor has a question regarding the specifications or requirements of a solicitation, who can they ask for clarification?

Any question concerning a solicitation should be directed, in writing, to the procurement professional whose name and contact information is listed in the solicitation. Correspondence must include the solicitation number and reference to the specific section in the solicitation. Please note that verbal responses or an interpretation that constitutes a material change to the solicitation is not binding, unless it is issued as a written addendum to the solicitation.


Do parties interested in bidding on a City solicitation really need to attend pre-bid meetings and site visits?

Most pre-bid/pre-proposal conferences and site visits are not mandatory. However, potential bidders/proponents are encouraged to attend them in order to offer a responsive bid or proposal. Bidders/proponents should take every opportunity to learn more about each project and its requirements. If the conference and/or site visit is required, it will be stated in the solicitation.


How does the Bid Evaluation Process work?

Bids/proposals are evaluated by an expert evaluation panel to determine which proposal/bid best meets the requirements set out in the solicitation documents. This process is thorough and can take a number of weeks to complete.


Does the City give solicitation results over the telephone?

No, solicitation results are not given over the telephone.



When is a contract officially awarded?

Formal contracts that are valued less than $100,000 per year can be authorized by the Chief Procurement Officer once an agreement is reached between the City and the preferred bidder. Formal service contracts valued more than $100,000 must be officially approved by the Atlanta City Council before they can be awarded.


Will a vendor get a signed contract from the City?

Yes, written and signed contracts are provided for all contracts in the formal range over $100,000.


What are the payments terms?

The standard payment terms are Net 30 for vendors.


What if a vendor has questions about an invoice and payment?

If a vendor has a question about an invoice or payment, they should contact the City of Atlanta’s Accounts Payable division at


What can a vendor do to help the payment process proceed more quickly?

The City of Atlanta processes invoices using the information provided on the purchase order. The purchase order is a legal binding agreement between 3rd party suppliers and the City of Atlanta. To ensure your payment is process quickly, please make sure your invoice consist of the following:

  • A valid invoice consists of the following:
    • Supplier name
    • Supplier address
    • Invoice number
    • Invoice date
    • Purchase order number
    • Ship-to location
    • Requesting department
    • Requestor’s name (optional)
    • Complete payment terms
    • Quantity
    • Unit price
    • Description of goods/service provided
    • Extended price
    • Freight (as applicable)
    • Other charges (as applicable)
    • Total amount

Invoice Submission
All invoices should be submitted to the City of Atlanta’s Accounts Payable department. Some construction related projects are exempted from this rule. These invoices should be submitted to the department holding the contract.

The City of Atlanta is moving towards a paperless environment and is therefore promoting electronic (web portal) or email submission of invoices. While at this time it will continue to be an option, mailing/hand delivery of invoices is the City’s least preferred method of invoice submission.

Option 1: Web portal (Login to iSupplier here.)

Option 2: Email invoices to

Option 3: U.S. Mail

City of Atlanta Accounts Payable Dept.
Department Requesting Goods/Service
68 Mitchell Street, Suite 6100
Atlanta, GA 30303


What is the City’s preferred method in paying vendors?

The City of Atlanta’s preferred method for making payments to suppliers, is by electronic payment (i.e. Automated Clearing House (ACH)). This method of payment is more secure, timely and cost effective. At this time, paper check distribution is also available but there are some restrictions.

Electronic payments to suppliers made through ACH, will be deposited directly into the supplier’s account according to the agreed upon payment terms.

To access the ACH authorization form to have invoice payments deposited directly into your account click here


Are sub-contractors required to provide payment and performance bonds?

The City of Atlanta does not require subcontractors/sub-consultants to provide payment and/or performance bonds.


iSupplier Portal Registration

What is the City’s iSupplier Portal?

iSupplier Portal is an online purchasing application that the suppliers use to do business with the City.

iSupplier Portal is an application that enables the suppliers to log-on to City’s purchasing application and allows them to monitor purchase orders, receipts, invoices and payments. This application also allows suppliers to maintain their company’s profile information themselves.


How do I get access to the City’s iSupplier Portal?

Once your online application has been approved and the W-9 form has been verified, you will receive an email with your access details to the City’s iSupplier system. Using those details, you will have access to the City’s iSupplier system to update your company’s information. You can add additional addresses/locations, company contacts, product & services information, business classifications (minority, woman owned, etc.) and banking information.


I have registered for the Supplier Portal. How do I use it?

Please refer to the iSupplier Training Manual for next steps here


What are the benefits of registering on the Supplier Portal?

On-line business enables the City to communicate key procure-to-pay information with the suppliers effectively. Suppliers have real time access to information (such as purchase orders, receipts, invoices, solicitations etc).


Can I browse the City of Atlanta’s bid opportunities without registering for the Supplier Portal?

Yes, bid opportunities can be viewed on the City of Atlanta’s webpage by clicking here .


Can I have multiple users for my account?

Yes, however, please be advised that authorized users have the access to log-in to the online profile to make updates, etc.


I have forgotten my password and cannot login to the iSupplier Portal. How can my password be reset?

Suppliers who have forgotten their password can reset the password directly from the login page of the iSupplier Portal. After launching the iSupplier Portal, please click on the “forgot your password” link. You will be prompted to enter your User ID. After your User ID is submitted the forgotten password will be reset and a new password will be sent to the email address that was used to register the User ID.