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What we do
Supplier Registration
Commodity & Service Solicitations (Bids)
Archived Solicitations
Surplus Auctions

Real Estate Solicitations

City of Atlanta Business Expo 2016

Information & Services
Frequently Asked Questions
Open Record Requests
Local Bidder Information
Procurement Code
Procurement Forms
Customer Service Survey


The City of Atlanta Department of Procurement is responsible for facilitating the procurement of commodities and services for all City Departments, City Council, and the Mayor’s Office. We work with departments to:

  • Develop the scope of their commodity and service needs
  • Prepare solicitation documents
  • Advertise solicitations on their behalf
  • Receive bid documents
  • Evaluate competing vendor proposals
  • Liaise with City Council and the Mayor’s Office to oversee the execution of supply contracts
  • Oversee the public auction of surplus inventory
  • Register vendors for eligibility to bid on city contracts
  • Maintain a citywide master contract list

Our Mission

Our mission is to model best practices in public purchasing while promoting equity, fairness, and economic inclusion.


The City of Atlanta’s Department of Procurement is recognized as a “best in class” procurement organization. This is evidenced by:

  • Maximizing the value the City receives on spending within the City’s public policy goals;
  • Providing operations that are both efficient and effective; and
  • Delivering outstanding customer services by a well-trained, professional, and organized staff.